2 young people aged 18-30 from abroad can join our Foundation as a volunteer on a long-term basis.


What type of activities can the volunteers take part in?

  • Organising experiential activities for children in care,
  • Organising activities for children in daycare nurseries
  • Contributing to fundraising campaigns.

For how long can we take individual volunteers?

  • Our long-term volunteering programs last from 6 to 11 months.
  • We can accommodate up to 2 volunteers at a time.

How can you apply?

Supporting children in care:

Through the Do Good Things programme, our Foundation’s professionals, with the help of volunteers, visit children’s homes across the country and provide a variety of sports, community and cultural activities for the children living there. Our primary aim is to promote the integration of children and young people in difficult circumstances and to strengthen their integration into the wider society. In addition to visiting the children’s homes, we regularly organise extracurricular activities for the children, where they can gain new impulses and experiences, build new relationships and get out of their own environment. For example: theatre, concerts, sightseeing, sports activities (water polo, running, football, etc.), day trips, excursions, festive trips.

The aim of the programme is to help the children spend time in the children’s homes, to create a family atmosphere, to motivate them and to establish contacts with families and children from other socio-cultural backgrounds. Sport and healthy lifestyle education is a key element of the programme. To achieve this, and to emphasise the community-building potential of sport, we organise running and other sporting activities (e.g. cycling, swimming, triathlon) at each of our new sites.

The programme encourages social inclusion, increases awareness, and welcomes people from diverse social backgrounds. It also promotes the active involvement of beneficiaries, volunteers, institutions, and external organisations, which adds value to Europe. Furthermore, the activities will follow the guidelines specified in the EU Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Child.


What can the volunteers do?

    • Through individual volunteering, participants are directly involved in activities that help children and young people in care.
    • Individual volunteers receive a comprehensive and detailed training/training programme. This means that individual volunteering includes training sessions and workshops to prepare them for specific programmes, situations and experiences.
    • After the preparatory training, it is possible to join each programme at a pre-arranged time. In this programme, we organise all-day activities (cooking, arts&crafts, sports programmes) and everyone can participate in what they feel best. We usually organise one-day programmes during the year, but during school holidays we also organise camps lasting several days or weeks.
    • In addition, individual volunteers can share their own experiences and expertise with different stakeholders by participating in various dissemination activities (events, communication).

Involvement in nursery work

Parents’ House operates 20 family nurseries in Hungary. Educators at Parents’ House nurseries are experts who create chances for children to play freely, accommodating individual requirements. We are in constant contact with parents to develop children’s behaviour and skills in parallel and in cooperation with parents. We have a child-oriented approach and our basic principle is to convey the principles of social inclusion and tolerance at our nurseries. We respect the principles set out in the EU Guidelines on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Child.

What can the volunteers do?

After preparing carefully, participants can perform tasks like feeding, singing lullabies, teaching nursery rhymes in a foreign language and playing with children.

Participation in fundraising activities

Our Foundation is in contact with several children’s homes, from where we send Christmas wishes from children to a volunteer „angel” who can fulfil a child’s dream.

Those living in the homes can write a letter with their Christmas wishes, which external volunteers can apply for until mid-November to become an „angel”. These „angels” can spend up to £30 to put together a package that our local volunteers will collect, sort and deliver to the homes in mid-December.

During the Christmas season, we arrange various festive activities, workshops, and Santa Claus events. These require a great deal of creativity and organisation.

We give particular consideration to engaging disadvantaged kids and families in our projects, adding value to the European community.

What can the volunteers do?

The Angel Project requires much planning and preparation. Once volunteers are trained, they can assist by collecting, sorting and packing donations. They can also organize and manage Christmas events, decorate and buy supplies based on their preferences.

Application, further information:


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